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About Keystone Threaded Products


Keystone Threaded Products is a family owned and operated company that has built its reputation on quality and dependability since 1920. Through years of hard work by management as well as our conscientious staff, Keystone has continued to expand. We know that the strength and reliability of our products reflect upon our company. We are proud to manufacture parts that have been recognized industry-wide for their quality and we are pleased to have a staff that is committed to serving our customers.


Keystone manufactures rolled thread acme bars as well as a complete line of standard threaded products. Our roll threading process produces a smooth surface free of tears, chatters, and cutter marks. Rolled surfaces have anti-galling properties and provide more contact area with mating parts.


Keystone has adapted the policy that there is no compromise where the quality of our products is concerned. We utilize both in-process inspection and final inspection to monitor the critical parameters of our manufactured parts. Our inventory lot control provides total traceability of products allowing us to provide certified material test reports, including the original mill's heat analysis and testing where applicable.


Keystone is dedicated to satisfying our customer's requirements every time through excellence in technology, products and services. Comprehensive thought, care and attention go into every step of our manufacturing and customer care processes.


Keystone's manufacturing logo is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as the DMSA. We furnish our products with our logo clearly marked, when requested, to ensure traceability.

Keystone logoKEYALLOY

Insist on Keyalloy when your application demands a threaded bar for medium high temperature service. Keyalloy is a heat-treated combination chromium-molybdenum steel that conforms to ASTM specification A193 - latest revision - Grade B7. Its superior mechanical and chemical make-up ensures long life and excellent performance.

4140 Heat Treated Steel
Tensile Strength: 125,000 PSI min.    Yield Strength: 105,000 PSI min.
Rockwell Hardness: 26 - 32RC
Diameters: Stock 1/4" up to 4"
(available to 15" diameter on special order)
Stock Lengths: 3 ft., 6 ft., 12 ft.
Lengths to 50 ft. by special order

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