Who’s Capable of Doing More?

When choosing between companies to provide service, customers usually choose between a few key factors of the companies to see where they want to take their business.  Some of the major factors are usually location, customer service, and capabilities. The most important feature for many is capabilities. In any given area, there are more than likely many companies that can provide something similar to what you need done, and regardless of industry, good customer service is an ideology most companies live by. So it comes down to “what can this company do for me that the others can’t?”  That’s where we step in; Keystone Threaded Products is capable of more than our competitors.

custom_roll_thumbUnlike most of our competitors, we have the ability to thread rods up to 15 inches in diameter. Most other companies only have the capability to only go between 5/8 of an inch and under 15 inches. Depending on the size and weight of what you’re moving, most companies in this country can’t handle it –but Keystone can.  Not only are we capable of creating numerous variations of lengths, we also have the capacity to produce more at a fast pace. Recently one of our competitors turned to us to help with a project because they didn’t have the capacity to thread roll 39 in bars in house, but they knew we could.

Even more important than our capabilities is our dedication to making sure our products are made with precision and quality, which is why our products perform the in-process testing for Class 2G tolerances.  We want you to know that we are dedicated to meeting their needs on all levels. For your next roll threaded  project, let Keystone show what we are capable of doing for you.