Threaded Bars in Heat Exchangers

Keystone Threaded Products

At Keystone Threaded Products, we manufacture quality roll threaded products, and we use our threaded bars in heat exchangers. We specialize in the production of roll threaded products including acme threaded bars, precision acme components such as acme round nuts, acme cylinder nuts and mounting flanges. We work with a variety of metals, including various grades of carbon steel, alloy steel, heat treated metals and stainless steel. We also work with bronze, aluminum brass, titanium, alloys and exotics.

When it comes to selecting the right heat exchanger, the process consists of a trade-off between the overall heat transfer measurements, which affect the pump head on the HVAC system. It also influences other factors including the pressure drop and surface area.

Generally, low pressure drop increases the surface area of the heat exchanger, which will then increase the unit’s initial cost. The key to choosing the proper heat exchanger is to find the smallest model with the same type of plate corrugation capable of handling the flow during both the summer and winter.

The next step in choosing the right heat exchanger is to simulate it with the largest surface area and plate corrugation type. This can be done by selecting the unit with the temperatures and flow profiles of the other season to obtain the duty value required for the season. The best solution is achieved when temperature, flow and pressure drop are all within the acceptable limits. Be sure to keep all of this in mind when looking for a heat exchanger so that it’ll last in the long run.