Blanket Orders vs. Single Purchase

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We’ve been working with our customers to ensure on-time delivery while offering the best possible price. By examining the annual usage of our roll threaded products, we can provide a selling price based on that usage, along with secure material pricing and stock releases that will enable us to deliver as needed.

When balancing administrative costs against the need for quick and consistent deliveries of goods or services, blanket purchase orders provide a welcome advantage to a small business owner. If properly executed, a blanket purchase order can save both the buyer and seller a considerable amount of time and money.

Although the mechanics of a blanket purchase can vary, the theory behind them is always the same. The goal is to create a standing purchase order with predetermined terms and conditions that will save administrative time for buyers and sellers who wish to do an extended amount of business together over a period of time and within certain limits. The main components are a period of performance and some type of limitation on quantity or dollar amounts used.

We’ve saved customer money and eliminated the downtime due to a surge in business and the lack of necessary parts and components to keep production moving. We are happy to review your requirements and submit a proposal that will meet your needs.