How Important is a “Made in the USA” Product?

Keystone TP Made in the USAAt Keystone Threaded Products, we manufacture and use products that are made in the USA. When it comes to consumers, however, just how important is it when purchasing a product that that product is made and manufactured in the US? At our company, we do a lot of our business in nuclear and defense fields, which requires made in the USA products. With these vendors come the commitment to preserving US jobs and providing products that are solely created in our country. Knowing this, should more manufacturers be working with vendors that sell made in the USA products? The answer is, of course, subjective, as it depends on each company’s, and consumer’s, individual needs in terms of what they look for in a product.

Products made in the USA range from a multitude of industries, everything from media to manufacturing and so much more. Many of them are thriving companies that do business all across the world. The US manufacturing industry has, in fact, seen noticeable gains in recent years. Since January 2010, the US has added over 520,000 manufacturing jobs and counting.

A key component that drives US manufacturing as well as aids in the circulation of made in the USA products is the spending power from the Chinese markets. Input from the global economy allows our nation’s economy to grow, and by focusing on strengthening our many products and industries, the US economy and manufacturing industry will only continue to see promising gains in the future.