Flood Control and Proper Gate Installation

FloodingAt Keystone Threaded Products, we make rods that move the gates up and down to block flooding.

Flood gates are adjustable gates specifically used to control water flow. They may be designed to add height to water dams, adjust flow rates, or simply stop water from flowing altogether. Flood control is an important part of many communities, because floods can affect anyone, regardless of the size of the neighborhood or proximity to a flood prone body of water. Project teams in charge of installing flood gates must be knowledgeable of not only all the latest techniques regarding proper installation, but also the engineering developments in other areas, particularly cities with long histories of flood mitigation.

By installing wider gates, it can help alleviate the issue of mass flooding, as they will allow water to flow away from homes more easily. Wide gates also allow for better control of lakes or other bodies of water by draining more water in a short amount of time in the event of a flood. The bottom line is that flood gates are essential because they can prevent any severe water damage.

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