Reshoring: Why it Makes Sense for Everyone

Recent news stories and surveys are consistently demonstrating a positive trend in manufacturing: reshoring. Following a period of offshoring—sending business overseas where labor was cheaper—during which time American manufacturing suffered as a result, the time has finally come for the industry to make a comeback. It’s a trend that’s indeed very welcome.

keystoneSmall and large businesses alike are realizing the value. From Apple to Boeing to countless small and medium manufacturers, companies are seeing that there are solid reasons why manufacturing at home simply makes sense. These include:

1)      More competitive American wages; overseas workers’ salaries are not as cheap as they once were.

2)      Abundant and more affordable natural resources in the U.S.

3)      American innovation, technology, and quality.

In a recent article written on IEEE’s Today’s Engineer, it was said that the overwhelming support of reshoring “[makes] it clear that investing and producing at home is a priority and is the choice that most benefits shareholders, companies and country alike.”

The article points out that two separate surveys by the Economist and Boston Consulting Group show that businesses and consumers prefer at-home manufacturing; the latter survey demonstrated that Americans are even willing to pay more for Made in the USA products.

This is good news for everyone, including engineers. According to the article, “It is in the self-interest of engineers to encourage domestic manufacturing, because if their companies offshore manufacturing, engineering is likely to follow.” Reshoring keeps engineers’ jobs at home, while adding jobs throughout the manufacturing sector, strengthening the country’s competitive edge, and completely shifting the approach of all business models.

The logic behind bringing jobs and business back to the U.S. is at once simple and multi-faceted. It makes complete sense—for so many reasons. As the trend continues, we can all look forward to the return of the world’s best and most advanced manufacturing industry.

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