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Domestic versus Import

When companies are tasked with sourcing materials one big question always come up; Should we buy domestic or import? This post will help give a definitive answer to that question: Domestic.

Cost is always an important factor, but just as there is a difference in cost, there is a difference in quality. Although you may save money up front, it may not be least expensive in the long run. There is a chance that products ordered may be missing from the boat or the product may come in not meeting standards. If that’s the case, the product will need to be reworked, which adds to the cost and time in order to fix the issue.  Or there could again be the case of dock workers on strike. This strike negatively impacted the economy at whole and really damaged business that were importing products rather than buying them domestically.

Another issue is that when buying imported products, you are required to purchase a minimum; which is oftentimes an entire container load worth of material! What happens when you only need a fraction of that amount? You will have to order more of products you may not need just to fill the container. Then once you have ordered, the lead times may take up to 4-6 months before delivery. It is important to take into account the manufacturing process, as well as the extended shipping times.

After waiting all that time for your product, there is also the chance that the material is incorrect or defective. If you need to ship it back across the ocean, you will not be able to return and replace it immediately, adding more to your lead time and cost.

Domestic products keep this economy moving, it keeps jobs here, employs many Americans and it supports not only them but their families and communities.  Although you may save anywhere from 10%-35% on cost, you have to consider that the jobs that many other Americans are performing day in and day out, is ultimately affected as well.

We here at Keystone Threaded Products Company fully believe in buying and producing domestic, American made products, and supporting our economy and fellow citizens, while making sure our products are of the highest quality.