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Closing the STEM Gender Gap

Keystone TP STEMMen are currently dominating STEM-related fields, which is exactly why it’s become more important than ever for women to get involved in order to start bridging the career gap between the two genders. By doing so, it will create much-needed diversity in the workforce of engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers and scientists. Right now, only one in seven engineers is female, according to a 2011 report by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Also, in the U.S., only 1/5 of physics PhDs are awarded to women, and only 14% of physics professors in the U.S. are women.

There are many ways for women to get involved in STEM fields, but getting them interested and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers is one of the main problems. There are many negative stereotypes and generalizations that people tend to relate to STEM fields that need to be broken. Namely, men are more qualified and naturally excel more at those types of jobs than women. However, women are just as capable as men to succeed in STEM related fields, and by educating women about the many opportunities out there, the STEM fields will be able to grow and become more diverse.

Moving away from the negative connotations that are, in fact, untrue, more women will want to take the step towards STEM related fields. It’s beneficial for girls to get involved at a younger age through STEM educational programs. By taking these proactive steps, the STEM gender gap can and will start to become smaller and smaller as more and more women rise in STEM fields.