Threaded Products for Use in Heat Exchangers

precision-roll-threaded-bars-heat_thumbAt Keystone Threaded Products, we’re known for providing the highest quality roll threading for a wide range of products and applications.  One of the popular uses of our precision roll threading services is for threaded bars and nuts used in heat exchangers.  So what exactly is a heat exchanger, and what do our services do for them?

In simple terms, a heat exchanger is a piece of equipment that assists in the transfer of heat from one fluid to another.  Common uses for heat exchangers include refrigeration, air conditioning, sewage treatment, power plants, automotive production, petroleum refineries, and natural gas processing.  Along with tie rods and special tabbed nuts, heavy steel end plates compress a series of internal plates, together forming a heat exchanger unit.  As opposed to other types of heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers are considered to be advantageous, as the fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area, and as such, are the design of choice.

As specialists and leaders in our industry, we at Keystone Threaded Products can provide a complete range of tie bars and specialty tabbed nuts in sizes and designs specific to your manufacturing applications.  We are also able to provide corrosion-resistant materials at highly reasonable prices, making us the preferred supplier of some of the most premier, renowned heat exchanger manufacturers in the country.  Our experience and expertise has made these industry-leaders value and trust our products with theirs, and we’re confident in our work in this area, as well as with all of the industries and applications we serve.

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