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Precision Roll Threading For an Industrial Jack Screw

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Precision Roll Threading For an Industrial Jack Screw
Precision Roll Threading For an Industrial Jack Screw

A family-owned company that is approaching its centennial, Keystone Threaded Products offers precision roll threading services with a long-term focus on quality and reliability. We're known for our ability to create unique thread sizes on a large diameter bars and our capacity to work with longer bar lengths. Customers also depend on our precision roll threading process because we produce perfectly smooth surfaces without cutter marks, chatters and tears.

We precision roll threaded these six, 28' bars with an ACME 2C thread, a 4.5" outside diameter and a 1.5" TPI/single lead. We also performed the secondary processes, which included the adjust grind, chamfering and hydraulic straightening. The bars were manufactured in a 1045 HR TG & P steel and met tolerances of ± 0.008" lead error per foot.

Being a company that works diligently to meet customers specifications, we performed in-process inspections to Class 2C tolerances as well as a final inspection.

For more information on this precision roll threading project see the table below or contact us directly to learn all about our roll threading capabilities.

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Product Description These threaded bars are used on lifting/jack system.
Precision Roll Threading Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Roll Threading
What processes did you use to manufacture these bars?
Adjust grind

Hydraulic Straightening
Overall Part Dimensions O.D.: ø 4.500" + 0.0074 / - 0.000
1-1/2" TPI / Single Lead
Length: 28'
ACME 2C Thread
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.008" Lead error per foot
Material Used 1045 HR TG & P Steel
In process testing/inspection performed In process inspection to Class 2C tolerances
Final Inspection
Industry for Use Industrial Jack/Lift
Volume 6 bars
Delivery/Turnaround Time 4 - 6 weeks
Delivery Location Midwest
Product Name Threaded Bar

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