Made in the USA since 1920

Standard and
Customized Threaded
Rods by Keystone
Threaded Products

For more than 100 years, our family-owned business has manufactured standard and customized precision threaded rod products for a broad range of industries. From fully threaded bar and double end studs to bolts, lead screws, and specialty fasteners, Keystone Threaded Products is recognized for excellence in manufacturing products for strength, quality, and dependability.


Strength. Quality. Dependability.

100 Years in Business

Our committed team in Valley View, Ohio, has been creating customized threaded rods for more than a century, and we have the knowledge and skill to produce exactly what you need.

Industry-Leading Quality

Our parts undergo a multi-step inspection process for quality assurance. Because we’re recognized industry-wide for our quality, you can be sure the parts you receive will be the best available.

No Job Is
Too Big

We proudly run the world’s largest thread roller, which makes threads stronger and more reliable, producing unsurpassed parts.

Unique Capabilities

We have unparalleled capabilities and can create a wide variety of threading products, from Acme threaded bars to specialty forms.